Profile: Luisa Uribe

27 Mar

Luisa Uribe graduated in Graphic Design in Colombia, but since she returned after her Master Degree in England she has already started working with illustration.

perfil_luisaShe draws mainly for children’s books and is passionate about what he does. But who wouldn’t with a job like that and with such a great work?



With pens, direct to her computer or with paintbrushes she does beautiful illustrations that translate all the sweetness she has on her shy look.


Luisa works and studies hard, and speaks little. So let’s not waste too much and leave for the next video, coming soon. Meanwhile, get to know her work on her website.

Video: Javier Vanegas

26 Mar


Profile: Javier Vanegas

12 Mar

Javier Vanegas is a Colombian artist who uses photography as a resource to his work.


He was also a photography college professor, made tens of exhibitions, published books with his artworks, is part of the collective Si Nos Pagan Boys and was a speaker at TEDx Villa Campestre last year.




In some of his projects, Vanegas reveals images in materials such as wood, glass, traps and large canvas.



His work is amazing as his speech and ideas. The first one you can check out at the artist’s website, and the other two you’ll see on our next video.

Through the streets of Bogota

11 Mar

Our first stop back to South America was in Bogota, and our first tour was the Cerro de Monserrate, where it was built a monastery and today is an attraction to religious, curious and tourists who want to admire Bogotá from above.





Restaurants in Monserrate.

We were also lucky to arrive during FILBo (Bogota International Book Fair), and Brazil was the guest of honor. It had exhibitions of Brazilian illustrators, roundtables with Brazilian writers and two Brazilian travelers so happy for feeling welcomed and closer to home.




Santiago Nazarian, the mediator Mauro Ventura, Daniel Galera and João Paulo Cuenca.

The city is full of great museums, beautiful parks, great cafes, bookstores, street fairs and it’s so easy to get to all these places.


Museo del Oro


Museo Botero

Bogota has a wonderful view from up its 2,600 meters of altitude, all surrounded by buildings with exposed bricks that make the city even more charming. It’s where we made dear friends and I was happy to celebrate my 28 th birthday.


Make your wish to come to Bogota!

Video: See you, Central America!

6 Mar

Maybe, before the project, we wouldn’t know to point where Nicaragua is on the map. But today we are proud to know a little more of it, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama. Here’s some of what we saw in Central America, along with the certain of how it enriches our Latin America.

To everything that is part of ourselves there is no “goodbye”. At most a “see you”.