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Video: Javier Vanegas

26 Mar


Video: See you, Central America!

6 Mar

Maybe, before the project, we wouldn’t know to point where Nicaragua is on the map. But today we are proud to know a little more of it, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama. Here’s some of what we saw in Central America, along with the certain of how it enriches our Latin America.

To everything that is part of ourselves there is no “goodbye”. At most a “see you”.

Video: K.E.E.N.E.

21 Jan


Video: Diego Arias

17 Sep

There is no nationality, border neither a different language when you have something to say and show to the whole world. As well as it doesn’t matter whether there is any name or profession in which you fit. The more someone is true to himself, unless one fits in a pre-established option.

Keep on being free, Diego!

1 year with Nosotros

13 Aug

On this last weekend, we completed one year since when we left Rio de Janeiro to our first destination: Montevideo.

Calendar marked on the whiteboard, which we haven’t had the courage to erase.

During this past year, it happened so many thing that wouldn’t fit in this post, but it does fit on this website with all the posts that we did and will still do.

For next year, we hope that you keep following us and helping us to make this map we’re trying to build. And that more people may know this project that, yes, it’s a hard work, but the gratification of doing it is even greater.

Thank you to everyone who participated, read, enjoyed, liked and shared Nosotros, as we are very grateful for being Latinos.

So we finish our celebrating post with the video we made in Uruguay:

To watch what happened since then, clic here.

¡Gracias, amigos!