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Through the streets of Bogota

11 Mar

Our first stop back to South America was in Bogota, and our first tour was the Cerro de Monserrate, where it was built a monastery and today is an attraction to religious, curious and tourists who want to admire Bogotá from above.





Restaurants in Monserrate.

We were also lucky to arrive during FILBo (Bogota International Book Fair), and Brazil was the guest of honor. It had exhibitions of Brazilian illustrators, roundtables with Brazilian writers and two Brazilian travelers so happy for feeling welcomed and closer to home.




Santiago Nazarian, the mediator Mauro Ventura, Daniel Galera and João Paulo Cuenca.

The city is full of great museums, beautiful parks, great cafes, bookstores, street fairs and it’s so easy to get to all these places.


Museo del Oro


Museo Botero

Bogota has a wonderful view from up its 2,600 meters of altitude, all surrounded by buildings with exposed bricks that make the city even more charming. It’s where we made dear friends and I was happy to celebrate my 28 th birthday.


Make your wish to come to Bogota!

Through the streets of Panama City

26 Sep

Our last stop in Central America was at the capital of Panama. Even though it’s known as a major business center and a good place for shopping, we picked other places on the town to meet.

Old City

By Amador Avenue

Curious fact: the famous “Panama Hats” are actually made in Ecuador. But it seems they grow on trees around here!

Panama Canal in Balboa

Panama City and surroundings have many contradictions (like almost all Latin America): modern buildings, luxury hotels and casinos have their overlook to the historic center and vice versa; women in traditional costumes shopping at huge malls; the chaos in downtown contrasting with one of the greatest works of engineering. Perhaps this lack of definition is the identity – and the enchantment – of this place.

Through the streets of San Jose

31 Jul

Our trip throughout Central America goes on now in Costa Rica. We complied our proposal to show something out of the ordinary, but as we had no time, bye postcard’s beaches and reserves landscapes…

An interesting thing to do is visiting the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo. The building is an old liquors factory and it’s in the historic zone in downtown.

For those who are traveling by car or with a great host (which was our case), it’s worth visiting nearby the Cerro de la Muerte (Death Hill). This friendly name was given because it’s very cold there, and who got lost and could not return to the city, died frozen overnight. Despite the legend, the place is very nice and quiet, and the fun is to see cows and greet all the residents wherever you go.

By late afternoon, we were returning to the city. Nobody wanted to stay and prove the fame that named the hill!

Through the streets of San Salvador

19 Jun

We arrived the capital of El Salvador already with a contact and an invitation. The design student Daniel Fernández called us to talk about Nosotros Project at the Universidad José Matías Delgado. We were prepared to talk about the project, but not for the lovely welcome we had.

There we saw a poster about our visit and a classroom full of students from every year. And that’s how our conversation had become a conference.

Nosotros and the coordinator Lisseth Meléndez with our certification on behalf of the university and the students.

After UJMD, we also also had a tour. Along with some students, we went to Santa Tecla, a town very close from San Salvador.

There was a fair at night with antiques and local artists’ works, which gathered a lot of people along the street full of bars, even more because of Grito Rock festival that was happening nearby.

We can say that, beyond parks or tourist attractions, our trip to El Salvador was represented by the beauty of people. Thanks to all Salvadorans who received us so well!

Through the streets of Guatemala City

28 May

We start now a part of the trip that we had no idea what to expect. Central America was really a mystery for us, but that’s also the reason that we had to go and register what we saw.

Specially when the surprise is great!

The Historic Center of Guatemala City is very beautiful, with many old buildings around the Central Park. The park has an air of a time tunnel, with corn salers to the pigeons and old photographers resisting the age of cyber shots.

But of course  we did not only see old buildings and history. The capital has a very active young life and is also a big city for business.

Even though we had no contacts there, it wasn’t hard to find a great creative. And because of him, many doors opened to a scenery of Central America that is neither in newspapers nor in travel guides.

Only here, very soon. :)