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Profile: Luisa Uribe

27 Mar

Luisa Uribe graduated in Graphic Design in Colombia, but since she returned after her Master Degree in England she has already started working with illustration.

perfil_luisaShe draws mainly for children’s books and is passionate about what he does. But who wouldn’t with a job like that and with such a great work?



With pens, direct to her computer or with paintbrushes she does beautiful illustrations that translate all the sweetness she has on her shy look.


Luisa works and studies hard, and speaks little. So let’s not waste too much and leave for the next video, coming soon. Meanwhile, get to know her work on her website.

Profile: Javier Vanegas

12 Mar

Javier Vanegas is a Colombian artist who uses photography as a resource to his work.


He was also a photography college professor, made tens of exhibitions, published books with his artworks, is part of the collective Si Nos Pagan Boys and was a speaker at TEDx Villa Campestre last year.




In some of his projects, Vanegas reveals images in materials such as wood, glass, traps and large canvas.



His work is amazing as his speech and ideas. The first one you can check out at the artist’s website, and the other two you’ll see on our next video.

Profile: K.E.E.N.E.

2 Oct

In Panama City, we were lucky to meet Keene brothers, who not only are a duo of DJs but also create, investigate, and produce music, and they are the people who manage the electronic scene in the city.

Lloyd and Kevin Keene

Together they form the duo K.E.E.N.E., run the nightclub Villa Agustina, in Casco Antiguo, and are partners at the events production company Sound Hills. 

These are three entertainment projects , more specifically for electronic music. Lloyd and Kevin have played around Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala, on Red Bull Bass Camp representing their country.

Even with a busy schedule, they took a day off to talk to us about what they most love to do.

Now we just have to start the video editing. The soundtrack is already done!

Profile: Diego Arias

2 Aug

We now present our host and artist from San Jose: Diego Arias. Diego is illustrator, painter, animator, screenwriter and director, with a great list of films, videos, exhibitions and publications.

Diego Arias

 We started our conversation at his home and then he took us to one of his favorite places: the Cerro de la Muerte, that we talked about in the previous post.

On the way.

The man who stares at goats.

Diego has a matured speech and is a very talented artist, while plays like a boy and love candies. We discovered it all in one day we spend with him. Now let’s see what you discover on the next video.

Profile: Safari Volvo

11 Jul

In San Salvador, we met one of the members of Safari Volvo.

Rubbert Ponce

The band has had different configurations but what never changed was the partnership between Rubbert and his friend Gabriel Granadino, who is also Salvadoran but currently lives in Spain. The internet turned out to be an important instrument in addition to the musical ones.

We set up the interview in a bar called Vinyl Café. Despite Safari Volvo is a super modern band with a strong electronic side, our meeting was very analog.

Bossa Nova on the phonograph in El Salvador. :)

Things in common.

Rubbert is passionate. Period. It may be for music, photography, internet or for his future plans. We believe that the speech of motivated people is also good for those who listen, and we expect this motivation comes to you in our next video.