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Practical dictionary – lesson 3

26 Jun

This is a very important class because moreover the words change a lot according to each country, any little mistake can be dangerous. We knew many other names, but this can give you an idea of ​​how much it’s diverse.

Be careful for not asking for a masturbation in the snack bar!

Practical dictionary – lesson 2

10 May

Help Nosotros to dress us all along Latin America. Cut, paste or just learn how to not mess up big time!


29 Mar

As we travel, we learn a lot about each place, but also about ourselves.This is not always so easy, especially when someone is in danger.




Practical Dictionary – Lesson 1

7 Mar

So we are already traveling for six months and we speak Spanish perfectly well, right? Of course not! In each country, region or city there are different accents, expressions and meanings. So we start here a series of posts with the languages ​​we are discovering along the way. Click on the image, take note and be aware of our next class!

The first and only fight

17 Jan

Click to enlarge:


And it was something like this, with all the calmness of a Buddhist monk that Victor helped me to be a better person (and girlfriend, and travelmate). Yes, we had to go back to Valparaiso to get my passport and he didn’t even open his mouth to argue. After that, I never more had courage (and reason as well) to complain about anything and the peace reigns in Nosotros Project. The End.

Guys, watch and learn!