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1 year with Nosotros

13 Aug

On this last weekend, we completed one year since when we left Rio de Janeiro to our first destination: Montevideo.

Calendar marked on the whiteboard, which we haven’t had the courage to erase.

During this past year, it happened so many thing that wouldn’t fit in this post, but it does fit on this website with all the posts that we did and will still do.

For next year, we hope that you keep following us and helping us to make this map we’re trying to build. And that more people may know this project that, yes, it’s a hard work, but the gratification of doing it is even greater.

Thank you to everyone who participated, read, enjoyed, liked and shared Nosotros, as we are very grateful for being Latinos.

So we finish our celebrating post with the video we made in Uruguay:

To watch what happened since then, clic here.

¡Gracias, amigos!

New Year, new partners

12 Jan

We have many reasons to thank for everything that happened in 2011, and certainly the support of IdeaFixa is one of the tops! Be the first partner and believe before others mean a lot to us. And I think gratitude must bring luck, because this year we started with two right feet!

Projeto Nosotros begins 2012 more colorful with the new support of Lomography Brazil. For many years we are fans of these analog cameras with free will, and it’s an honor for us to have them alongside assisting with the divulgation on social networks and the Locations section on the online magazine.

Nosotros also got more rythm with Si no puedo bailar, no es mi revolución. This independent initiative conducts many cultural projects with Latin Americans and will help us to get in touch with more artists and get songs for our soundtracks.

So, to inaugurate this partnership, they sent us some questions that we answered in a video.

“Nosotros” is plural and the more people, the better. We celebrate each “like” on Facebook, each “follow” on Twitter, each load on Vimeo, which is why you all are part of it.

I’m not sure about the Maya prophecy, because for us 2012 is just the beginning!

La Nueva Gráfica Chilena

2 Jan

When we went to TRImarchiDG (see posts about the event here), we were delighted by a special speech of two members from La Nueva Gráfica Chilena (Chilean New Graphics).

Rodrigo Dueñas and Pablo Castro

LNGCh is a movement

Yes, LNGCh is a movement, a collective, a collective movement and the collective of movement. Together, they make collages, logos, animations, publications, exhibitions, make launches, performances, and etcetera with reticence.

Besides Trimarchi, they have participated in other events like Sudala, ChACO (pictured above) and soon on Pictoplasma Paris.

We had the great honor of meeting them again in Santiago and talking about Nosotros, La Nueva Gráfica Chilena, the cultural power in Latin America and the unsustainability of being.

Victor between Dueñas and Pablo. Don’t be fooled by the Coke, inside the glass it’s Pisco!

We are very proud to meet and talk about other projects that disseminate our culture. We always want to share more originals ideas and participate of the union of Latin America through art and creativity.

Congratulations, LNGCh!

Take part of Nosotros

27 Oct

Since when we created Nosotros until today, when we talk about possible changes, the main concern is to keep us faithful to the concept of the project. “Nosotros” are all of us who participate by producing the videos and website, showing your work or reading this post.

Our goal is to gather as many people to show the strength of our contemporary culture and there are several ways to make this possible. Below are some of them:

01. Divulgation: if you have blog, tumblr, vlog, cool friends or make events, you may share our pictures and videos. All material are licensed under the Creative Commons. Is very simples to download our videos:

02. Soundtrack: because of the Creative Commons license, we must use soundtracks that are under the same license. But as the ideal is using all Latin American material, we are counting on the collaboration of musicians who give us songs, friendly. Fortunately we are very successful whent we make contacts to ask for permission, but we always need more songs.

Who has contributed:Vieja História, Fede Graña, Eté & los problems, Modex, Super Guachin, Rey de 6, Paula Mirhan e Demetrius Lulo, Tó Brandileone, Celso Viáfora, Kito Vilela and others.

03. Contact: If you know or are a young Latin artist and your work has to do with Nosotros‘ proposal, send us an e-mail. But also send it if you like what we do and want to give your opinion or if you are in the same city of us and want to have a beer. All of this meetings are part of the project!

You can also accumulate functions such as Super Guachin (Ignacio Brasolim, left) who gave us music, are artists, know other artists and wanted to have a beer. ;)

Alone it’s just you and me. Join Nosotros!