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Analog Central America

4 Feb

It was a short time in each country, but enough to our analog cameras register in colors, overlays and experiments what will stay in our memory from the beautiful Central America.











The pictures were shot in Antigua – Guatemala, Granada – Nicaragua and Panama City – Panama.

Analog Havana

26 Apr

Many people already said, but we repeat: Havana is great for shooting. Don’t worry about film, framing or camera, especially if it’s a Lomo! The camera and the city make all the work for you.

We got completely crazy about the cars there and were very sorry for not fabricating those models anymore. Frankly, many cars today seem shoe boxes next to these!

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Analog Caribbean

27 Mar

Even two travelers deserve vacation! After months of moving from side to side, recording, editing, photographing and posting, we took a week to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean and the visit of my parents.

The only ones who didn’t rest were our Lomos.

Isla Mujeres

Vacation shoes



Partying with mom and dad

Chichén Itzá

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Analog Mexico City

5 Mar

Now it’s time for Supersampler and Holga 35 BC show their versions of the Day of Deads.

In many parts of the city, there are some giant flags so beautiful that bring pride even for us, who are foreigners.

“Hi, my name is Holga and I frame the picture the way I want. Trust me.”

Alebrijes exposition in downtown.


Kids asking for trick or treat


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Analog Valparaíso

20 Jan

As we had to return to Valparaiso by reason of the previous post, we decided to go not as an obligation but as a new and very enjoyable tour. We also took the chance for taking our Holga 35mm and she showed us the city in a new way.

From the top of the hill

Captain Neruda

Colorful and flowery facades compete with harbor’s view

Victor and La Sebastiana

See? That was not so bad… I should forget my passport more often. ;)

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