The Project

When the rest of the world thinks of Latin America, the first images are of our folklore and earliest people. Even we are very proud about our past and recognizing how it enriches our culture, we know that countries and the Latin Americans themselves have changed a lot since then.

So, to demystify this vision that was frozen in time, we created this project which features young artists, creative professionals and their production in Latin America. Here, we will talk and discuss the creative processes of these professionals.


The Roadmap

The trip has no set duration, but it will be between Uruguay until Mexico, through the capitals and major cities. The exact route between departure and destination will be drawn along the way, but you can follow each point on Google Maps.

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Priscila Midori – mixed japanese and black, lived from 2 to 17 years on the border between Brazil and Bolivia, in front of the Pantanal. At 17, she returned to Rio de Janeiro and graduated in Communication at PUC. Worked as copywriter in advertising and has a postgraduate degree in Marketing from Ibmec. In her last job, she created campaigns for movie releases, movie awards and film festivals. With Nosotros, she returns to our rich culture and diversity that was always present in her own family, school and city of her childhood. See also her personal blog.

Victor Marcello – while others decided between engineering or law, he knew that he would work with drawings. Since his childhood, he was among the illustrators of Jornal do Brasil and spent many afternoons testing materials design of his neighbor, supporter and friend Mariana Massarani. He studied Fine Arts in Painting at UFRJ and Film at Estacio de Sá. Co-founded Feijão Ilustrado and worked for years with Broadcast Design. When starting a search for his Latin characters, this study grew into Nosotros. See some examples of his work on his site.


Thanks to

Nosotros is plural in the sense of the word and concept of the project. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for those who helped us. So, thanks to:

Alfredo Calderón (El Pelado Exitoso), Ana Luiza Fonseca, Astrid Sánchez, Bebel Abreu, Bruno Porto, Caio Barreto, Caro Curbelo, Caroline Neutzling, Daniele Pimentel, Elisa Maione, Eva Buzzetti, Fábio Shiota, Felipe Cardoso, Gabriela Lara, Gustavo Deveze, Julio Marcello, La Nueva Grafica Chilena, Larissa Machado, Leo Braz, Lorenzo Shakespear, Marcelo Vitelli, María Jesús Gil, Mauricio Planel, Miguel Vassy, Pablo Castro, Philippe Machado, Rafael Vanni, Raul Lecanda, Rodrigo Dueñas, Rodrigo Vainer, Renato Alarcão, Scott Dollochin, Silvia Martinez, Stânio Soares, Tenka Dara, Thales Aquino, the artists who take part of this project and our families, who didn’t freak out when we decided to drop our jobs and suported this proyect (some os them didn’t event understand what this is about).

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