Profile: Safari Volvo

11 Jul

In San Salvador, we met one of the members of Safari Volvo.

Rubbert Ponce

The band has had different configurations but what never changed was the partnership between Rubbert and his friend Gabriel Granadino, who is also Salvadoran but currently lives in Spain. The internet turned out to be an important instrument in addition to the musical ones.

We set up the interview in a bar called Vinyl Café. Despite Safari Volvo is a super modern band with a strong electronic side, our meeting was very analog.

Bossa Nova on the phonograph in El Salvador. :)

Things in common.

Rubbert is passionate. Period. It may be for music, photography, internet or for his future plans. We believe that the speech of motivated people is also good for those who listen, and we expect this motivation comes to you in our next video.

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