Profile: Piña Ruda

19 Dec

When we arrived in Santiago, we were introduced to a website called Piña Ruda (rough pineapple!) that enchanted us right away. Then, we knew by person the evil minds behind this mix of editorial with design and production of stickers, posters and t-shirts.

The rough Rano and Cony

We spent a day with them, even better with train ride, fair in San Bernardo, gifts and lunch at the fish market.

Rano on the way of San Bernardo

It was a Spanish class at the highest level because we were not used to the Chilean accent and because for every 10 words, about 6 or 7 were pure sarcasm.

Arriving their studio, we found a free minded work with their identidy and sense of humor.


T-shirt tag with exclusive design

By late afternoon, we were completely conquered and willing to take Piña Ruda in our backpack. It’s been a great pleasure to watch again everything we shot with them and we hope to give the same atmosphere of this day on our next video.
Nosotros and the Piña, who are not rough

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