Profile: Super Guachin

4 Nov

We thought we were going to Mendoza just to walk around, drink wine and relax, but luckily we found great talent there.

The super brothers Ignacio and Luciano Brasolin

Okay, I confess it was not by random… We’ve been with our eyes on these guachins (kids), who are with their schedule full of shows. What was really by random was to find them in their hometown.

Their idea is quite simple: to gather things they always enjoyed. In this case, were video games and music.

And exactly because they create something so true to themselves, the message is successfully transmitted and has called attention of the public, independently of language.

We spent a day with the right to interview, piadina, tango and Portuguese and Castilian advanced classes.

And while they prepare the next record, we edit the next video.

Listen to Super Guachin.

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