Profile: Modex

28 Oct

For every artist we visit, we increase our network through the interviewed contacts. We believe this is a good way to get to the next creative and show how Latin American art is already connected.

And when we shot the video with the graphic novelist Berliac, he introduced us to  Modex band.

Gaby, Juan, Martin V. and Chamo

The songs are, as they themselves say, universal. It’s hard to tell if it’s a band from Argentina or from any other country. Maybe that’s why they travel so much to perform at several places around the world, inside and outside Latin America.

In the studio, records, CDs and good references from all sides.

Despite the modern music sounds electronic, the band produces as much analogic as it’s possible.

We went far from Downtown to meet Gaby, Juan, instruments and equipment that end with the peaceful atmosphere of the quiet Vicente López.

And while we edit the video, know the soundtrack.

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